From Our Doorstep:
Things to see and do around Thorney Mire Barn

Tree silhouette at Thorney Mire Barn B&B, near Hawes, Yorkshire Dales

There’s a lot you can do at Thorney Mire Barn without having to take to your car!

Firstly there is the garden and 4 acres of private woodland to wander through. Red squirrels and many colourful birds are regular visitors to the feeders in our garden.

The woodlands are home to red squirrels, roe deer and many different species of birds. The woods slope down to a picturesque spot by Widdale Beck where you can look out for wildlife whilst enjoying the peace.

  • Close up of red squirrel
  • Red squirrel close up
  • Red squirrel on feeder in garden
  • Red squirrel at Thorney Mire Barn
  • Red squirrel taking food at Snaizeholme
  • Red squirrel at Thorney Mire Barn
  • Red squirrel at Thorney Mire Barn
  • Red squirrel on feeder at Thorney Mire Barn
  • Bluebells in Thorney Mire Woods
  • Wild Garlic (ramsons) in Thorney Mire Woods
  • Greater Spotted Woodpecker in Thorney Mire Woods


Walking / Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales

Exploring beyond Thorney Mire Barn, the countryside is a wonderful place to go walking. Whether you’re looking for a pleasant walk into Hawes, or a hike across high fells, there are miles and miles of footpaths taking you through beautiful and ever changing countryside.

  • View of Wensleydale whilst walking from Thorney Mire Barn towards Hawes
  • View of Wensleydale walking from Thorney Mire Barn towards Hawes
  • Appersett Viaduct, just down the lane from Thorney Mire Barn
  • Thorney Mire Barn in Winter
  • Sheep in Appersett Pasture
  • Stone Pillar on High Abbotside
  • Red squirrel at Snaizeholme
  • Another red squirrel at Snaizeholme
  • Red squirrel posing for a photo
  • Waterfall near Keld
  • Appersett Viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Gordale Scar near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Bluebells in Swaledale in the northern Yorkshire Dales
  • Spring meadow at Lake Semerwataer, Raydale, Yorkshire Dales
  • Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Lake Semerwater in Raydale, Yorkshire Dales
  • Misty morning at Lake Semerwater in Raydale, Yorkshire Dales
  • Addlebrough Hill in Wensleyale, Yorkshire Dales


The two photographs below are displayed by kind permission of Chris Upton Photography.

  • Tree Group by Chris Upton
  • Cotter Force by Chris Upton

We have some recommended walks with guide sheets available. We also have some OS maps centred on Thorney Mire Barn available for you to borrow, or purchase.

Cycling in the Yorkshire Dales

Stone Pillar at High Abbotside

If you love cycling, Thorney Mire Barn is a great base from which to explore the area. There is easy access to miles and miles of quiet country lanes. Some of the spectacular routes were made famous by the Tour de France in 2014, such as Buttertubs Pass which is just a few miles away.